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Party Service for your Celebration at Home or at the Alter Hof

Enjoy a unique and memorable celebration with your friends, relatives or your colleagues. Our party service provides food and friendly service for all kinds of celebrations and events. The wonderful restaurant rooms at the Alter Hof are ideal places for various celebrations. Why not contact us right away? We can talk about what you would like to have included in your offer and arrange the exact date. Let us know what it is you are looking for and we will plan a suitable buffet or menu that you will love. Your guests will surely enjoy our delicious Bavarian cooking and dishes from all around the world.

Catering Service

Dishes & Catering for any Celebration

Delicious Food and Perfect Service

Regional Cuisine with Excellent Quality

The party service of the Alter Hof will make sure that your celebration becomes a full success. We will gladly create an offer for you to ideally fit your occasion. We would like to make sure that you can feel like a guest at your own party! It is a matter of course for us to reliably prepare and arrange the dishes and bring food and drinks to your premises. If you wish, we will also plan the entire celebration from reception to entertainment.
Your friendly staff and the quality of our services ensure that everything works out just perfect: delicious food, nice tableware and comfortable chairs and tables. We know how to make you and your guests fully happy. Order a buffet with lots of delicious ingredients or a menu with several courses. We will also gladly provide glasses, napkins and other accessories.

Parties & Events

A Lovely Celebration for Your Guests

Rustic Dining in our Stately Inn

Versatile and Comfortable

The Alter Hof offers 4 authentic Bavarian dining rooms that are decorated with a lot of wood and typical elements. Large windows provide a lot of light and a bright atmosphere. The ideal place for a birthday, a reception or to give a presentation during the day. You can also rent our skittle alley and celebrate with a relatively small number of guests there. In the summer, will we gladly also provide a section of our large and comfortable beer garden for your group.

Thanks to our experience when it comes to providing excellent food and service for celebrations and other events, the Alter Hof is just the right place for your event to become a full success. We decorate the rooms for the occasion. A romantic wedding, a happy celebration with your club or a stylish event for your company. We know how to provide the perfect setting.

Alter Hof Vaterstetten Gaststube

Our Restaurant Room

The rustic restaurant room offers seats for more than 120 guests and the charm of an authentic Bavarian inn. The large oven and the magnificent wooden ceiling create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Take a seat in one of our large round sitting groups or in the nice bistro corner.

Alter Hof Vaterstetten Zirbelstube

The Zirbelstube

This room has an interior design that is based on happy colors and large tables for up to 20 guests invites you to dine with friends. Comfortable benches bring people closer together while they are enjoying a delicious meal. A perfect room for celebrations and small meetings.

Alter Hof Vaterstetten Kleine Brunnenstube

The Kleine Brunenstube

The “kleine Brunnenstube” (small well room) is still home to the historic well that gives it its name. Before the hotel and restaurant building was constructed, there was an old farm house in the same place. This room with its light table decoration is an excellent choice for families and it offers space for 45 guests.

Alter Hof Vaterstetten Kleine Brunnenstube

The Brunnenstube

This room is very versatile. The room is designed for groups of up to 80 guests. The high ceiling creates a pleasant and open climate. Lamps with elegant patterns provide a classic flair.

Alter Hof Vaterstetten Kegelbahn

Skittle Alleys

The 4 alleys in the basement of the inn are great fun for young and old. Play popular skittle games with up to 10 people per alley. In addition, we serve rustic cuisine and refreshing drinks.

Alter Hof Vaterstetten Biergarten

Beer Garden

Our beer garden is a real highlight. Take a seat under our awning and keep a cool head in the summer heat. From 5 PM, we serve spare ribs, burgers and other barbecue specialties.

Find out more about our restaurant rooms and all our menus on the restaurant page.